Ready for the Weekend

#TGIF after a productive week! Does anyone have fun plans this weekend? Before you rush out the door, check out the stories that caught our eye this week.   RFTW_August_7_1 Our entire office loved this article from The New York Times. Is anyone else guilty of having RBF?   RFTW_August_7_2 With all of the recent buzz around “The Big One” hitting Seattle, we thought this article about being prepared was very insightful.   RFTW_August_7_3 A great read about the inside world of Gwyneth Paltrow’s love-to-hate-it lifestyle site Goop and the role she plays in guiding the brand!   RFTW_August_7_4 If you are heading down the aisle soon, check out this great way to tell your love story on your shoes.   RFTW_August_7_5 What do skinny jeans and phone chargers have in common? This amazing invention! We wonder which product will become the next to integrate phone charging technology…   RFTW_August_7_6 Are you freezing cold at the office every day? This could be the reason! For more fun happenings connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!