Ready for the Weekend

It’s going to be a hot one, friends! Before you head out for a relaxing weekend, check out the Internet buzz that sparked our attention this week.   RFTW_July_30_1 We are totally on board with this newsworthy promotion from Uber. Did anyone test out #UberIceCream in Seattle this week?   RFTW_July_30_2 J.C Penny launches an anti-bully campaign to boost their brand. We’re interested to see how it works out for them.   RFTW_July_30_3 If you are a new (or expecting) mom we recommend you stop everything you are doing and go check out this exciting décor news.   RFTW_July_30_4 Wow, these designs of futuristic skyscrapers are incredible.   RFTW_July_30_5 Do you wait in line for your coffee every morning? Google wants to help. Their new feature lets you know what time of day is most crowded at your favorite places.   RFTW_July_30_6 Anyone else feel uninspired to cook when the weather gets hot? Luckily, The Kitchn is sharing recipes for entertaining guests with the oven off. For more fun happenings connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!