Ready for the Weekend

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we are ready to get outside and enjoy it! Before you head off for an enjoyable weekend, check out what we have been reading (and loving) this week.   RFTW_July_17_1 Instagramming for a good cause. This is the best product placement we have seen in a while!   RFTW_July_17_3 Jeans you can do yoga in? Count us in.   RFTW_July_17_2 One of our favorite make-up companies is testing out virtual reality. We are excited to see how this will play out!   bacon This scientific discovery is just one more reason to go to the beach.   RFTW_July_17_5 Gap and Virgin Hotels partner to bring us the best kind of room service. For more fun happenings connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!