Ready for the Weekend

We are more than ready for the weekend over here in the Rev office! Before you power down your computer, check out the Internet news that had us buzzing this week.   RFTW_July_10_1 Seattle foodies are bursting with excitement over the arrival of new food trucks. We can’t wait to go test them all out.   RFTW_July_10_2 This new Adidas shoe takes the idea of “recycled fashion” to a whole new level.   RFTW_July_10_3 You can now officially snap pictures in the White House! Selfie in the Oval Office anyone…?   RFTW_July_10_4 Facebook made a couple buzz-worthy changes this week. First came an update to make the “Friends” icon more gender equal and now their latest update helps to free up your feed.   RFTW_July_10_5 Cold brew coffee lovers rejoice! Starbucks is rolling out their own version nation-wide.   RFTW_July_10_6 Local event alert: Is your calendar still looking pretty empty for this weekend? We recommend checking out the West Seattle Summer Fest! Live music, fun shopping and plenty of kid and pet-friendly activities. For more fun happenings connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!