Three Tips for Giving a Great Presentation

A former colleague sent us a copy of his newly released co-authored book called Weekend Language” Presenting with More Stories and Less PowerPoint.  We were excited to read it because we have both been speaker trained by him and used him for client speaker training and in both instances it was eye opening and effective.  And, now finished, it will be our go-to recommended read for everyone who gives presentations – whether it’s 1:1 business development meetings, a sales presentation to a staff of six, or a presentation at a conference. image001 Here’s why:
  1. It’s written for the person who says they don’t have time to read
  2. It’s smart, concise and straightforward with powerful examples that will make you afraid of *not heeding its advice
  3. The approach is proven
Along with recommending you read it yourself, here are our top takeaways for delivering a great presentation: Tell a Story! Instead of reading from your commonly text-heavy PowerPoint Slides. This = bad: image003 Image 1: Courtesy of PC World Know that people believe the expression they saw, not the words spoken. *See Mehrabian’s research for detailed statistics. young beautiful blonde girl expression collection isolated on white Image 2: From   Practice your presentation A LOT.  Not just once. For two hours or however long it takes for you to feel like you know it deeply.  Practice it out loud too. practice makes perfect Have a great weekend friends! Get connected with us on Facebook or Tweet us @REVPR