4 Graphic Design Trends

Last year, we saw a lot of bright colors, geometric shapes and dramatic typography. While a few of these trends are still going strong, here are four design trends we hope to see a lot more of in 2017.

Bold Photography and Sleek Text.

Courtesy of GraphicStock

Courtesy of Design Dose

Attention spans are becoming shorter, which means we have to communicate our messages much more clearly. We love using bold and easy-to-read text to present short, impactful messages. This minimalistic style creates an interesting contrast while giving design pieces a modern look.

Modern Retro.

Courtesy of The Design Range

Courtesy of Retro Screenprints

This trend started becoming wildly popular last year, and we’re happy for it! A nod to nostalgia paired with clean lines and muted color palettes is an especially perfect mix for packaging.


Courtesy of Eve Warren

Courtesy of Morgan Giulianelli

We’re seeing many more designers using patterns. They offer a way to integrate fun colors, textures and shape. In 2017, keep your eye out for more exclusive, custom patterns in packaging, clothing items, and more!


Courtesy of Canva

This trend continues to grow, particularly in social media graphics. As brands are moving away from the constant use of stock photos, they’re seeking unique, custom options like illustrations. Our holiday campaign for mattress retailer Sleep Train featured custom illustrations like the below, which were well-received by the brand’s social media communities. The fun graphics received more engagement than any other post for the year!

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