What We’re Thankful for in 2015

Happy holidays, friends! We have so much to be thankful for this year including our amazing clients, creative team, wonderful families, and excellent health. Here is what we are giving thanks for in 2015:

What We're Thankful

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to execute fun, challenging and inspiring campaigns, for working with interesting, thoughtful and happy people, for my spirited, loving family, and getting to live in such a beautiful place. – Jennifer


I’m thankful for surviving my first year in the “real world” with only a couple minor bumps along the way, for my loving and supportive family, for a beautiful new city to call home, and for having a great job that is equal parts challenging and exciting. – Brenna


Aside from my family’s health, I am thankful that my oldest son totally mastered his bike this year and can keep up with me while I run. It has opened up a whole new world of outdoor adventure for us. And that my youngest son is still such a little cuddle bug. – Angie


This year, I’m thankful for being able to spend so much time with the important people in my life. In 2015, I’ve helped celebrate everything from huge milestones (like weddings, babies and my sister joining the Peace Corps!) to small precious moments to once-in-a-lifetime trips, and savored every moment. My people – near and far – are the best. – Shauna


I’m thankful for my incredible family, our health and their love, my work family and our inspiring clients, and coffee. Lots of coffee. – Corinne


I’m especially thankful for all of the love and support my family, both immediate and extended, has offered this year. From riding shotgun on a cross-country move, to extended dog sitting, to teaching my son how to dismount the couch without cracking his skull open, I can’t overstate how helpful and amazing everyone has been. – Aaron

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